Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Two: Sheep Tiles

Day two, while not as eventful as day one, has brought some progress. We have finished work on the four sheep tiles by gluing some cotton balls to fill in the drawing of the sheep!

The board is starting to take shape one tile at a time!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day One: Board Layout and Roads

Welcome to the Settlers In The Park blog chronicling four friends (two couples) who are Settlers enthusiasts on a quest to build a version of the popular Catan game that can be played in a large open spaces!!! The target spot for this mobile Settlers of Catan kit is the Golden Gate Park in glorious San Francisco! The goal is to construct tiles, settlements, roads and cities large enough such that the entire board game can be setup on a large field; enabling the players to do everything they can with the regular board version of the game, and played standing up! Oh and it goes without saying that the goal is also to do this as cheaply as possible without having to buy materials.

The first day yielded significant progress as the 19 tiles were cut and 44 wooden roads were made for the standard four player version. Each game tile is roughly 2' x 2' made from leftover cardboard from furniture delivery. The roads are made from wood and each one is 8" long.

On the right is a picture of 12 tiles laid out on the ground to give an indication of the size of the final board game.

On the left is a brick tile being painted using some red paint found lying around in the garage. It's amazing how paint that's been sitting around for so long would be put to such great use!

As you can see, we have made significant progress on this effort! We'll post more pictures and updates as soon as more progress is made! Check back frequently or subscribe to feeds to keep up to date on the status. Add comments to let us know your thoughts, suggestions and feedback!